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The Ismaili medical system prepares Mohamed Adel to confront the leader of the gap in the league

The medical apparatus of the Ismaili club, under the leadership of Muhammad Taha, prepares Mohamed Adel, a midfield player for the Dervishes, to face Al Ittihad of Alexandria, scheduled for the fifth afternoon, on Friday February 12 at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria, in the postponed match of the eleventh round of the Premier League competition, and Mohamed Adel missed the Dervish confrontation with Smouha Which was held at Ismailia Stadium on Wednesday afternoon, the postponed meeting of the tenth round of the competition due to a strain in the posterior muscle.

The members of the Technical Committee of Ismaili were keen to hold a meeting with Mohamed Adel, the midfielder of the team, in order to praise what he presented during the Pyramids confrontation in the last round, which ended in a positive tie with a goal for each team, and the technical committee demanded the player to continue his brilliance with the team, and Mohamed Adel scored a distinguished goal in the Pyramids window Other than the impressive performance, what made him one of the stars of the meeting.

Earlier, Osama Khalil, the star of the Ismaili and the former Egyptian national team, revealed that a pause must be made by officials and symbols of the dervishes to correct the path inside the club and it needs a great technical and administrative work during the next stage, to build a generation capable of competition, and I apologized for the position of the sports director due to the conflict With the technical committee that has been appointed.

Osama Khalil explained, during televised statements to Ontime Sport 2, that a joint-stock company must be established for the Ismaili Club for exchange and investment inside the Dervish Castle under the rules and laws of the Egyptian state that allow this, and that will provide material support to the football team.

Osama Khalil indicated that the foreign coach is best suited for mass clubs because of the pressure he is subjected to, and that no assistant Egyptian coach has been appointed to him who comes with his auxiliary apparatus to avoid conflicts of ideas.

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