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How do we keep the car tire as long as possible? What are the most appropriate types to buy?

Many of us always strive to maintain their car and also extend the life of the tire for a longer period, especially tires that have a limited life span, but there are some practices that can extend the life of tires, which we will learn about through the most important questions and their answers in this topic.


Q - Does the tire have a service life?

A - Indeed, experts confirm that the tire life is up to 6 years, regardless of whether or not signs of damage appear on the tire, due to the loss of the "plasticized" material in the tire rubber over time, and due to the loss of this material, the tire is considered more stiff, which is what it loses. Its properties and calls for its change.

Q - Is there a production date for each tire with different brands or not?

A - Of course there is a production date for all types of tires through the four numbers written on the side of the outer tire, where the first two numbers refer to the week of production, and through the last two numbers it is possible to know the year of production.


Q - How true is the advice that confirms the necessity of tightening the wheels after a distance of between 50 and 100 kilometers?

A - The advice is completely correct and the wheels must be tightened after changing the tires, specifically after cutting from 50 to 100 kilometers.


Q - What are the signs of tire wear, expiration, or misuse?

C - You must make sure that there is an arrow mark on the surface of the tire, which shows the direction of proper installation, so that the tire cycle work in the correct direction of travel assigned to it, so that this does not cause damage to the tire.


 Q - Are there tire maintenance tips or not?

A - Indeed it is necessary to inspect the tires and make periodic checks on them regularly, under the supervision of specialized centers to preserve the car in general, and the tires in particular, and to stay away from unreliable places, in addition to the need to quickly check for any tire damage such as cracks and holes or mixing and swelling, Or damage to the metal frame, because such things reduce the life span of the tire, and cause damage to it.


Q - What types of tires are best used?

A - Indeed, there are many types of tires that have appeared on the Egyptian market. There are tires for high speeds, and there are tires for cargo, and there are different engravings for each of them.

As for the design, there are tires with inner cores composed of a metallic inner frame and an outer rubber frame in addition to several fabrics of nylon or rayon, and there are tires that do not have inner cores, "toplus", made by mixing hot rubber with auxiliary and other main elements such as sulfur and zinc. White, grease and some laxatives, and it is the most used now


There is also another type of tire called "wire" tires, which is similar in action to a spring, and therefore it is comfortable for the car and passengers as well. There are "stall" tires that are somewhat less flexible than wire tires, but they are the most used due to the possibility of repairing them more than Once in cases of tire fracture, there are also tires of both types, "wire and keel", which are more comfortable for the car and for passengers as well and increase the ease of movement of the steering wheel.


There are also wide tires, which lower the level of the car on the road and give it more stability and stability and also improve braking performance, unlike the thin tires that raise the level of the car on the road, but it is better to walk on wet ground, so it is more stable than the wide tires.


Q - Is there a certain number of kilometers that force us to change the tire?

A - Actually when the number of kilometers is reached from 30 thousand kilometers to 80 thousand kilometers, and this is the maximum for the tire change process, but it is preferable to change after reaching 50 thousand kilometers, because the tire is then more wear and tear.

Q - What is the relationship between luggage and changing a tire?

C - The luggage and the tire type are among the most of the reasons that have a direct impact on changing the tire, taking into account the type of tire, which must be changed during the maintenance process in order not to negatively affect the tire’s efficiency.

Q - What are the most important tips for preserving the tire and extending its life?

A - Care must be taken to avoid collision with solid materials, sudden braking at high speeds, and to avoid overloading the permissible ratio.

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