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Gulf weather ... Cloudy in Saudi Arabia, light fog in the UAE and moderate in Bahrain

The Gulf region witnesses a variation in temperatures, it is expected that the sky of Saudi Arabia will be partly cloudy with formations of thunderstorms, and in the UAE a slight fog will form over some coastal areas, and in Bahrain it will be moderate with some clouds, and in Greater Kuwait 26 ° C


The National Center of Meteorology predicted in its weather report for this day partly cloudy skies on the west and southwest of the Kingdom that may be interspersed with formations of thunderstorms at the heights of the Asir and Al-Baha regions, and stable weather in general over the rest of the Kingdom's regions. Parts of the northern kingdom.

The report indicated that the surface wind movement on the Red Sea will be northwest to north on the northern and central part and southeast to southwesterly on the southern part at a speed of 15-35 km an hour, and the wave height is from one to one and a half meters, and the state of the sea is light to medium waves, while Surface wind movement on the Arabian Gulf will be northwest at a speed of 15-40 km an hour, wave heights from one to two meters, and the state of the sea is medium waves.


The National Center of Meteorology expected that light fog will form in some coastal and interior areas in the morning, while the weather becomes clear to partly cloudy at times, and humid at night and Saturday morning, with fog and light fog forming in some coastal and interior areas, and the winds are light to moderate in speed, northwest 10-20 km Q, up to 30 km S.

The Arabian Gulf: light waves - moderate at times. While the first tide will occur at 13:05, the second tide at 03:11, the first tide at 20:21 and the second tide at 07:37.

Sea of ​​Oman: light waves. The first tide will occur at 09:52, the second tide at 23:04, the first tide at 16:24 and the second tide at 05:11.

The following is a statement of the expected maximum and minimum temperature and humidity levels: The city, the maximum temperature, the minimum temperature, the maximum humidity, the minimum humidity, Abu Dhabi 24 17 95 45 Dubai 25 16 95 35 Sharjah 25 14 95 35 Ajman 24 17 95 40 Umm Al Quwain 25 14 95 40 Ras Al Khaimah 24 16 90 35 Fujairah 26 19 75 30 Al Ain 28 16 95 25 Liwa 27 15 90 35 Ruwais 23 16 90 55 Al Silaa 22 15 90 50 Delma 20 17 90 60 Tunb Al Kubra 25 19 85 50 Tunb Al Soghra 25 19 85 50 Abu Musa 25 19 85 50

the two seas


The Meteorological Department at the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said that the weather today, Friday, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, will be moderate with some clouds, with an opportunity to form a slight fog in some areas in the early morning.

Winds: westerly from 7 to 12 knots and reach 13 to 18 knots sometimes during the day.

Sea waves: from 1 to 2 feet near the coast, and 2 to 4 feet at sea.

Temperature: Maximum 25 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature 14 degrees Celsius.


Maximum temperature: 26 ° C

During the day

Warm, northwesterly to variable winds, light to moderate, with speed 08 - 30 km an hour.


It tends to be cold to cold and the winds, directional to northwest, light to moderate, speed between 06 - 26 km per hour, with a chance of light fog in some areas.

Relative humidity: maximum 95% and minimum 45%.

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