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An Arab member of the Knesset accuses the Netanyahu government of complicity with the crime in the Arab sector in Israel

The Arab member of the Israeli Knesset, the head of the Arab Movement for Change, Ahmed al-Tibi, confirmed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to combat violence in Arab society is "weak and does not fight violence."

Tibi said, "There is violence pervasive in the Arab community, but there is also violence against the Arab community."

He added, "The Arab community will never forget what are the causes of the spread of violence in the Arab community, and the most important of these is the violence practiced by the government against Arab society and collusion with organized crime."

The Arab MP pointed out that "this is a lean plan and does not fight violence and organized crime, and this plan does not eliminate the Israeli government on crime and widespread violence," adding that "this is only false electoral propaganda for the prime minister."

Al-Tibi pointed out that "the prime minister talks about equality for Arab society and at the same time concludes agreements to introduce the racist Itamar Bin Juffair to the Knesset, who called for the expulsion of Arabs."

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the appointment of the former Jerusalem police chief, Aharon Franco, as a coordinator to combat crime in the Arab community, and presented a plan to combat crime and violence in the Arab community, stressing that he would soon submit it to the government for approval.