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The Federation of Industries will host the head of industrial control next Sunday to discuss challenges

The Federation of Industries will host, Major General Abdul Raouf Al Ahmady, the new head of industrial control, in the presence of heads of different chambers, businessmen and factory owners, next Sunday to discuss the challenges facing the industrial sector.

Earlier, the Industrial Control Authority said that, within the framework of a series of field visits by Major General Abdul Raouf Ahmedy to various industrial zones and all sectors, the head of the authority made field visits to the paints factories in the tenth of Ramadan city, as well as the city of Zagazig.

The authority added that the work team was following up on medical gas factories and some smoke factories, as well as some engineering industries factories, in which they toured the production lines and full production stores and continued operation.

In the same context, the Industrial Control affirmed its complete keenness to play its pioneering role in the interest of both Egyptian and foreign investment, and to ensure the arrival of products conforming to the standard specifications.

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