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The Egyptian Insurance Federation discusses micro-insurance in a virtual seminar

The Egyptian Insurance Federation confirmed that, in light of the fruitful cooperation between the Union and the Microinsurance Network, and the interest of the two sides in insurance coverage and reaching the groups that insurance services do not reach, preparations are underway to hold a virtual workshop in cooperation with the Microinsurance Network, and it will be the first workshop Provided by the union platform SPI HUB, which will be responsible for providing workshops and seminars to increase awareness in the Egyptian insurance market.


The workshop will be titled: “Virtual Country workshop: Moving the Needle - Egypt”. The workshop will be held in English on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, from 2 pm to 4 pm.


In a statement, the federation added that the workshop includes a review of the data of the Microinsurance Landscape Report 2020 / The Microinsurance Global Perspective 2020, with a focus on the micro-insurance market in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the most important challenges and opportunities for growth in this vital market. The obstacles and possible solutions to push and develop the insurance market will also be discussed. Infinitesimal and achieving insurance coverage.


Alaa Al-Zuhairy, President of the Egyptian Insurance Federation, said that the cooperation between the union and the network comes within the Egyptian Insurance Federation's work plan for 2021, which is considered one of the partnerships that serve the Union’s strategy in reaching the categories that insurance services do not reach and which are in line with the objectives of the microinsurance network. Network for achieving insurance coverage.


Since its inception, the Microinsurance Network has presented a series of international reports on micro insurance under the name Microinsurance Landscape, which represents a unique standard that follows the trends and development of micro insurance products and services in different markets and the extent to which these markets achieve insurance coverage.


In 2020, the study (Microinsurance Landscape Report) saw for the first time the participation of 194 companies and micro insurance service providers in 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The Egyptian Insurance Federation has also translated "Microinsurance Landscape 2020" into Arabic, as this will be the first time that an Arabic version of the report has been issued.


The Microinsurance Network is considered one of the most important global platforms that bring together insurance companies, regulators, development agencies and policy-makers to find insurance solutions to the risks facing citizens at risk in the world and aims to improve the capacity of low-income families through micro-insurance programs at the level of The world by improving their understanding of insurance coverage and contributing to improving the general insurance environment. The Microinsurance Network is headquartered in Luxembourg and includes about 400 experts and 70 organizations in more than 50 countries.


The workshop will be attended by Alaa Al-Zuhairy, President of the Egyptian Insurance Federation, and Hisham Ramadan, Assistant President of the Financial Supervisory Authority, Catherine Pulvermacher, Executive Director of the Micro-Insurance Network, and the workshop will be moderated by Dr. Tarek Seif, Secretary General of the Egyptian Insurance Federation.

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